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Isn't it "Party like it's 1999"?


retarded doeesn't mean stupid. kind of puts you in the same category as Sarah Palin, i.e. you know nothing.
I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin. Just a parent of a child with special needs who is sick and tired of seeing the word retarded used as pejorative.

The Viking

@CF Hahaha yeah it is

@Mike I wrote a long response to your comment but for some reason it didn't post. I'm too lazy to write it again, so I'll get the gist. If you're going to be sensitive about my politically incorrect tendencies, I'd suggest you read elsewhere. I'm loathe to lose a reader, but that's the only solution I've got. It's nothing personal, but this is my voice and I cuss a lot, I'm racially insensitive at times, and say things like fag and retard (or variants, such as faggy faggy tard balls).

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