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Keep $10,000 out of $16,000? Welcome to the Republican party.

The Viking

Haha yeah, and I'm by no means rich, being a lowly E-4. I'd say I do pretty well, especially when perks are added up, but 5,200 is still a hefty sum to take from me. That 16,000 bonus was a gift/incentive for me to take a much needed position in the military.

I should be glad I even got a bonus I suppose. My job is undermanned because people aren't staying in, even in this bad economy. One of the main reasons why is because our job makes a lot more money in the civilian or non-military government sector, but another large reason is because they stopped offering my job re-enlistment bonuses. I guess I should be thankful for that, because due to manning issues, my promotion track is just about 100% for E-5 and E-6, and it's even pretty good for making chief I hear.


I don't know, man. A couple more penis/goat sentences and I think you'll have a wicked following.

Unfortunately, more than half of them will be horny Muslims hanging out in desert training camps. I'm guessing very few westerners google for "MY penis in a goat". Well, possibly in Sweden, but they don't have that much disposable income either.

Is this the type of audience you really want for the purposes of selling out and going corporate? Check your search stats by country, and consider that while you will probably rocket to the top of the Google rankings for this particular search, the demographic segment involved really does not have that much disposable income. When you are planning on selling out, you have to stay focused on demographics and disposable income.

On the other hand, I think you can really do something with the Village People/Japanese Navy bit. Gays have far fewer offspring on average, thus far more disposable income. Also the market for uplift briefs is much broader than the market for exploding briefs, so the associated advertising revenue is better.

Sarah Rolph

We knew you had iconoclastic tendencies, but this confirms it.

I speak, of course, of your preference for George!

(Ah, George. We miss you.)

The Viking

@MOM - Thank you for the business advice! That just goes to show how much practical business knowledge I lack. Perez Hilton, on the other hand, is probably banking on that demographic. I think I need a paradigm shift here... less nudey girls, more of my abs on display? Actually nevermind, all people, gays included, love boobs. Not all gays love abs (some like chubby bears).

@Sarah - I miss him too :(

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