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At first glance, I was inclined to agree with the retired lieutenant colonel; not everybody in the military is a hero. I've yet to accomplish anything particularly heroic myself, and I know plenty of people who go to great lengths to never risk having to do anything heroic.

Unfortunately, on reading the rest of his article, it seems his objection mostly rests on "plenty of our soldiers commit atrocities all the time" - which makes me wonder who got inside his head to make him believe the London Times on something so ridiculous sounding. The other half of his reasoning is "making them out as heroes makes the war last longer"...which is just ridiculous.

Altogether, my favorite is still people who use the "I support the troops but I'm against this illegal, immoral war" line. Really? 'cause I'm pretty sure we all volunteered to take part...does this mean you also support thieves, but not the nocturnal removal of your TV from your house?

Oh well, enough of my restating your words/ranting, and on with the pandering: Great blog, enjoyed this article.


Dude, you are seriously funny. Keep up the good work.

The Viking

@HP - Yeah for sure. I didn't do a great job explaining it, but I definitely took issue with his reasoning (mainly that heroifying soldiers allows them to commit atrocities, war is bad blah blah). War sucks, it is bad, bad shit happens, innocent people die... Such is life, maybe the good Col. has some skeletons in his closet that he feels guilty about.

I also love the "I support the troops but not the war" line. I, for one, do not support thieves, nor do I support the nocturnal removal of my TV. But then again, being a fan of that second amendment, I hope my TV isn't going anywhere ;). Thanks for the comment, HP, it's always appreciated.

@CF Thanks, like I said above, I enjoy receiving comments, it makes it seem less like I'm talking to myself (or mom and dad). So yeah, thanks for the kind words.

The Thoughtful Laundress

Uh-oh! The digital food printer is likely to have serious political ramifications on cultures of unique and fragrant dishes.
Great post...as usual.


Love the NASA outreach campaign... very sophisticated

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