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This is the dumbest, and most hypocritical, article I've ever read. You worked (or work) for the government (military) and went to a government-subsidized university, I can see why you hate government jobs and subsidies.

Your argument is that government jobs are cushy? How about teachers? Policemen? These are cushy jobs now?

During the time that America was most prosperous, it's because the government provided jobs to its citizens. We built infrastructure. America grew. Now there is too much control in the hands of corporations. God forbid tax money *gasp* be spent providing the poor with jobs so that they can spend money and help out other businesses. This is a great country; it's citizens deserve the opportunity to work for living wages.


Congratulations Reed, you have your first troll!

The Viking

Well, I wouldn't be so quick to label a troll Dad. (S)He uses decent grammar, attempts to use facts as a foundation for his comments, and his argument is coherent, although a little off the mark. If it were not for his/her first sentence and the fact that his/her name is dsfsdf, I'd say it's somebody trying to have an honest debate.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and respond in earnest. I don't think I'm being hypocritical, and I think you're making the same mistake that the AP made in being unable to recognize the difference between supporting small government and wanting NO government. I believe in a smaller, smarter government, and that even applies to Military. That said, even the most staunch libertarian believes in the government having a role in defense and law enforcement, and I'm not a staunch libertarian as I see it.

And sometimes, I do feel a little bit guilty about some of the benefits I get. The economy is in a slump, and it's pretty insane that some of the pensions and benefits one can get retiring at the young age of 38. But the target of my post (as tongue-in-cheek as it is) is not teachers, cops, or soldiers (although they are not without problems, myself included).

The problem with cutting government funding is that if you cut public education, people freak out about how you hate children. If you cut defense funding, you're a terrorist. It all needs cutting, as we have no money. So yeah, I find it objectionable that the public employeesphere is sitting just fine with their iron ricebowls while the rest of the nation is suffering. I'll respond more thoroughly tomorrow, but I'm tired now so it's bedtime for the Viking.


A blogging family moment, I love it.

For the troll: Have a look sometime at how many staff positions exist for every line position. That is, for every soldier on government pay, how many bureaucrats spend every day behind desks making sure each t is dotted and i crossed (and if you think I've got that backwards, you've never dealt with these folks) in their payroll, records, et cetera? For every cop, how many folks sitting comfortably in City Hall managing the last detail? A hint: The ratio is high.

As for cutting money, I advocate the National Endowment for the Arts. Everything else is somehow "for the children", and of course you'd be an evil heartless communazi bastard to try to touch it...but isn't art more or less by definition something that nobody actually NEEDS?

Le khang

See I read mr Viking.

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