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I lived in southwest Texas for a little while, where they wanted me to take several gun safety classes, pay a few hundred dollars, and get a background check to carry concealed.

Then I moved from Texas to Alabama, where we filled out a one-sided sheet of paper, I handed the clerk a $20 (to cover me AND wife), and then had to wait longer for them to laminate the permit than for them to actually grant/print it.

Sir, I am inclined to agree with you.

The Viking

Haha, wow that is awesome! At least in Texas you can own a gun, I'm pretty sure the restrictions in NYC and it's suburbs are so strict that it's tantamount to prohibition. I feel like many proponents of strict gun control have never actually fired a gun; first time I ever shot one was in boot camp :(.

I know where I'm moving when I get out haha!

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