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Alycia the Aborigine

It's so true. Once you learn another language and get to actually use it to gain knowledge of world events, you realize that the world doesn't get the same news; even if it is extremely important news. I understand how countries report more on countries surrounding them because they are looking out for their own interests and wanting the public to be aware of what's going on close to home, but that piece of South Korean news is/was relevant to the whole world. Nice entry, Reed.


I feel so sorry for Saudi women. They are being suppressed in so many ways. That part of the world is pure evil....Maybe being a citizen of a nonexistent country isn't so bad after all. At least we have Zi-you!!!!! And we wouldn't be commiting a crime by meandering through a park with our boyfriends. How insane does that sound?!
However, if you look at it in another perspective, this might be a great opportunity for Chinese men. They should go marry Saudi women and put them out of their misery!!! What a win win solution to both countries' problems (Gracita, you're so smart lol).

The Viking

Thanks Alycia, I definitely agree that it's logical that China would focus more on its neighbors than we would, but for big world news I'm still disappointed in our media outlets.

Gracita - That's a brilliant idea, you should tell the Chinese. Zi-you is the most important, afterall, so you've got a lot when you think about it that way. Just to warn you, I know you didn't mean it this way but when we say, "put them out of their misery," that usually implies that we're going to kill them to stop their suffering... I don't think you support genocide though, so just wanted to clear that up for you haha.


Thank you!! Bai lao shi ;)

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