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Reed, I'd like to say this blog is nothing short of excellent - and I now check it almost every day. This article in particular was great. I hadn't necessarily formed these exact views, but I couldn't agree more and now share the same sentiment (which, I typically don't). Finally, I never knew you were such a damn good writer.

Ya boy Timmy Caps, holla!


Matt Stone's take on things, and I'd have to say I agree whole heartedly.


The Viking

Tim, thanks a lot that's really flattering! I'm glad you enjoy my blog, as I enjoy writing it and you know I've got mad respect for you and your views, despite our common disagreements haha.

Drago, read that and yeah, I knew it was comedy central pussin' out, not Matt and Trey. My sister is very relieved to hear it wasn't Matt and Trey, she was really upset haha.

The Thoughtful Laundress

Love this post. Viking, you never cease to amaze me!

Sarah Batman


I am a journalism major--which is, quite arguable, more useless than a philosophy/English/anthropology major in this day and age--and have spent many retarded hours studying the First Amendment. In particular, this irritable "freedom of speech" clause. So, here are my two cents.

The Bill of Rights protects people from the GOVERNMENT. The GOVERNMENT cannot infringe upon people's right to free speech. That is all. Censoring Muhammad had nothing to do with "America" and our "principles." It just had to do with idiots, giving into--like you said--cowardice . Comedy Central could have aired it without censorship, but they did. It has nothing to do with the First Amendment at all. It has everything to do with a growing culture of political correctness in the U.S. I don't think it's *entirely* unwarranted, given the fact that Islamophobia is a real problem in our country, but I don't think CC should have relented so easily. SP offends everything and everyone, so why do they need to make an exception here?

However, you should forget everything I just said. South Park hasn't been good in years, Reed, WTF!! The Coon? A disgrace! Dead Celebrities? Recycling old jokes! Hire new writers! TOGTFO.


The Viking

Hey Sarah Babeman, sorry I took so long to respond, I've been a very busy boy. Your two cents are well taken, and I agree that comedy central censoring Mohammed is their right and they can do whatever they want. I do think it's still alarming that this happened though. BTW, I just read reports that they're coming out with a show on comedy central that centers around Jesus. I'm not offended, and I am sure most Christians won't be either, but the hypocrisy is just glaring. Brave, cutting edge, Comedy Central, I salute you.

Btw, I still love South Park, though it's hit-or-miss sometimes. and TOGTFO is the best saying ever, thanks for enlightening me. After joining the military, I fell off the pop-culture bandwagon a little bit. Keep me updated Batman!

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