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May 15, 2006


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» Putting Things In Perspective from Stop The ACLU
I get exhausted and tired of talking politics everyday, but something inside keeps pushing me. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about quitting, but never do. The Anchoress is having to take a well deserved breather on po... [Read More]

» The immigration speech - UPDATED from The Anchoress
Im still not writing about politics, but just skimming some righty and lefty blogs, I cannot help but notice that a number of conservative bloggers - some of whom I have long-respected - have already decided that President Bushs speech t... [Read More]

» All Wrapped Up from Sigmund, Carl, And Alfred
SW implies, but does not address directly, the reality that much of the current realities are the wallpaper of a padded cell. CFS is not the result of ideologies and beliefs being worn down- rather, CFS emerges when we our attention is diverted elsew... [Read More]

» Conservative Fatigue Syndrome from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Shrinkwrapped has a theory on the recent apostasy (my word) in the conservative ranks. I just left a long comment there (as is typical), so if you want my commentary on it, youre going to have to go read SWs post first. I cant ju... [Read More]

» Hey! What's all this moping around? from The Adventures of Chester
Well Loyal Readers, I've been on vacation with Mrs. Chester for a week or so. Didn't pay too much attention to the news while gone. You can imagine my surprise upon returning and plugging back in to see there's all... [Read More]

» Conservative Fatigue Syndrome from Deborah Gyapong
Great post from ShrinkWrapped that looks at the growing phenomenon of Conservative Fatigue Syndrome. I had my own CFS symptoms flare up after reading about the attacks on Paul Belien at the Brussels Journal. I fear that we are in a similar period to ... [Read More]

» Being an unpaid volunteer will (eventually) drive you insane! from Classical Values
That last post will serve as an illustration of the problem with blogging (at least for me). For the umpteenth time, I devoted my time to disagreeing with the Philadelphia Inquirer about guns. And once again, I endeavored to show... [Read More]

» About That Cassandra Syndrome from Hyscience
Taking into account the opinion of three (including Pat Santy) "superb mental health professionals" that have in effect come to identical conclusions, as Pat Santy says - you better believe that they are on to something. That "something" is a sound a... [Read More]

» Where I Stand from Owlish Mutterings
I'm part of a mailing group, whose members tend to be more liberal than I am. So, when one guy emailed about GWB's 29% approval rating, I emailed back a link to Bill Hobb's post, saying "The conclusion drawn, and... [Read More]

» Eye on the Watchers Council from The Glittering Eye
As you may know the members of the Watchers Council each nominate one of his or her own posts and one non-Council post for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this weeks Council nominations is here. Heres wha... [Read More]

» My Battle With CFS from Jon Swift
In the past few weeks, I have been feeling a profound sense of fatigue, an inexplicable emptiness. Finally, I went to the doctor who gave me the devastating news. I am suffering from Conservative Fatigue Syndrome. [Read More]

» Watcher's Council results, May 12, 19 from New World Man - wonders in the world
Catching up: May 10's nominees produced these results: Done With Mirrors won the Council vote with White House Rules. Dr. Sanity placed with a treatise on CDS -- Christianity Derangement Syndrome. David Frum's Cato Unbound essay Republicans and the Fli... [Read More]